Why Amazon Wildlife Adventures?
Because, at Amazon Wildlife Adventures we operate in some of the best areas in Amazonia, where you get to witness the incredible biodiversity of this region. We take pride in providing the best service and showing wildlife in its natural habitat.

When is the best time to visit?
June - December - If you love fishing, hiking or exploring deeper into the forest, this is the best time for you.
January - May - Traveling by dugout canoe or boat, you can explore farther into the flooded forest and see wildlife much closer than you normally would.

Does it rain a lot?
Because we are in a tropical rainforest setting, it is going to rain from time to time. However, this no reason to limit your adventure. Even when raining, the temperature is warm and the wildlife doesn't mind the rain!

Is there an age limit?
All our activities and excursions are flexible and you will have many alternatives to make your expeditions unforgettable, no matter what age​

Can I come with my kids?
Yes of course, our priority is that you and your kids have the most fascinating adventure, with our excellent guides and staff to help you in any way.

What type of vaccinations do I need?
Please check the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for health information for travelers to Peru

Is Malaria, Dengue, Sika and Yellow Fever a problem?
In all of our expeditions and excursions we work in safe places for our travelers; malaria, dengue and sika have not been reported in any of our areas of operation.
What to Bring
​We recommend you bring these items on your trip. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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