The tour departs from your hotel or the airport. We start our tour by driving you in a private car to Nauta City (approx. 1.5 hours).
From there we will travel 2 hours by boat to the Amazonian Lodge.
We navigate the Marañon River to the Amazon and Rio Ucayali, where the lodge is located, in a protected area along the Yanayacu River

​After a meal we start our first excursion. By boat, we will track and observe river dolphins. The Amazon is home to two species of river dolphin.After dinner we will have a night walk excursion into the rainforest. We will search for night wildlife like snakes, frogs, spiders and much more.

We start our day with an early excursion around 6 o'clock in the morning. At this time we will enjoy the sunrise and look for colorful birds and monkeys.After heading back to the lodge, we will enjoy a prepared breakfast.
​​Our second excursion will be a jungle trek. By walking in the primary forest you will have the chance to spot wildlife, and your guide will also share their knowledge of the wide variety of medical plants. You will also learn some basic survival skills in the jungle, like finding food and water.In the afternoon we will travel by boat to the Yanayacu River, searching for sloths, macaws and different types of monkeys, etc. We will also pass by two beautiful lakes.
​The entire trip you will be surrounded by an amazing display of nature, with its animals, trees and water plants.
At night we have a boat excursion to search for caimans, when are at their most active.

Very early boat trip to Lagoon Casha, which is not easily accessible. Here you will row or walk, depending on the level of the river, looking at different species of birds and monkeys.
After Lunch excursion by boat to Lake Juanachi, where we use canoes. In this place, you'll see birds and animals more closely, returning to the lodge for dinner.

Breakfast aboard boat. Using small boats, will take you to the Amazon River, where you will experience the most magical moment of your trip, spotting pink and gray dolphings. You can see them, but don't expect to touch them.
On the way back to the lodge, you will see the biggest aquatic plant in the world, the famous Victoria Water Lilies and then back to Iquitos to the Hotel or Airport.


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